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Virus Sheet


Named after the Virus that ended the world… A Virus that wreaked un-paralleled destruction and left only the few, only the survivors.
Outbreak Virus is the Pre workout Pathogen that provides a surge of energy as it takes hold, symptoms include increased nitric oxide levels and muscle pumps as well as increased heart rate, mental focus and energy. Best administered only before extreme muscular strength and endurance is required. 


Serum Sheet 


The post-apocalyptic world needs Outbreak Serum; a highly-potent, nitric oxide amplification and muscle volumizing agent that should be consumed 30 minutes before strenuous activity or when superhuman strength is required. When a non-stimulant boost is needed, use Outbreak Serum on its own, or stack it with VIRUS™ for an extra intense nitric boost that will have you performing and surviving at peak levels.


Refuge Sheet  


Outbreak Refuge is a complete sleep product formulated with post-apocalyptic survivors in mind. It is designed to enhance recovery, no matter how drained you feel. Combining strong, sleep inducing ingredients that will help you get to sleep and keep you that way until you’re fully rested and recovered, Outbreak Refuge is the key to staying sharp and alert. Outbreak Refuge contains cortisol reducing adaptogens and stress-relieving ingredients that will help you relax after yet another day of brutal survival.  


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Outbreak Nutrition

If anybody is out there, this is an Outbreak Nutrition emergency broadcast. We are looking for other survivors of the great Virus that ended the world. Outbreak Nutrition provides high quality supplements to help you not just survive the struggles of the day but destroy them. Our products are formulated to provide maximum performance enhancement as well as increased recovery, endurance and strength. Our products are produced in a GMP facility and we guarantee their quality with our full disclosure labels. Become a survivor and join the Outbreak!
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